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Futures trading and FX trading courses with in-depth instruction by Sam Evans on how to use the tools and apply the same knowledge professional traders use for success in . In seven years, Sam Evans progressed from an Online Trading Academy student, to full-time trader, to Fund Manager to Lead Instructor Forex XLT. More r.

XLT – Forex Trading Course by Steve Misic, Sam Seiden,Brandon Wendell, Sam Evans, John O’Donnell.

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Personally, I regard my charts as pretty much the most important weapon in my trading toolbox and when we learn to read price in a truly objective fashion, we can witness and observe the footprints of the smart money players, to give us clues of where to find the lowest risk, highest reward buy and sell opportunities Different Ways to Trade Forex: Part 2 by Sam Evans.

As well as having a good catch up, we have also had the pleasure of meeting a number of Online Part 1 by Sam Evans. As a part of the developed curriculum for the Online Trading Academy Extended Learning Track XLT - Forex program, I have made it a point to introduce the ongoing students to all of the different ways to trade currency. When most of us think about the Forex markets, we typically focus our attention on the area of Spot pairs trading.

However, while the Spot arena accounts for the vast majority of all currency trading in the world today, we should also be aware that this is not the only way for traders and investors to take part in this highly liquid and popular market. In fact, there are actually five different ways to trade Forex available: Dealing With the Squeeze by Sam Evans. In each one of my weekly articles, I hope to share glimpses of my trading experiences with you in an effort to point traders of all skill levels in the right direction for consistency in their speculative activities.

Having now written these articles for around a year, I have talked about a wide variety of aspects of the Forex Trading environment, but I must admit that when I first agreed to write these weekly updates, I was a little concerned about running out of material to talk about!

My trading is simple in nature and as my career has It has been another week and another batch of new students for me. I have just stepped back into the classroom again after a six week break to host and teach the 6 day Online Trading Academy Professional Forex Class.

As you know, I regularly work in the virtual environment of the Extended Learning Track XLT - Forex program where the only contact I have with my students is via the text chat box, and as much I love the XLT teaching, seeing 23 students face-to-face in the live classroom is a welcome and enjoyable change for me from time-to-time This week, while conducting and hosting my ongoing Extended Learning Track XLT - Forex sessions, we have been doing our usual business of analyzing the currency markets in real-time, scouting the arena for only the very best low risk and high potential reward setups we could find.

Following on from a choppy and indecisive few weeks, things seem to have settled down a little as the market, in general, goes through its own phase or transition, trapped between key levels of support and resistance before the next big move Firstly, I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you who reads my weekly article.

It is your continued support and interest which keeps me coming back for more, week in week out. As I have mentioned before, I receive a large number of emails from my ongoing students and readers alike and answering each one does take its time, with a few slipping through the net on occasion, I must admit! Defining the Trader's Edge by Sam Evans. Since I started teaching students of Online Trading Academy, I have obviously taken a great interest in the development of their careers and progress along the way.

I have taught a variety of individuals, hailing from different backgrounds and each with their very own reasons for taking on the tough challenge of seeking a life as a professional Forex trader. Some are just looking for a secondary or supplementary income, some are just looking for a new interest in life and others want to become completely self-sufficient from a consistent and profitable trading career For the purpose of this article, I would like to highlight an aspect of Forex trading which is often the very last thing on the minds of traders: The cost of doing business.

As is widely known, if one participates in the Equity or Futures markets, there is always a commission charge for taking a trade After having just spent six days in the Online Trading Academy classroom with a brand new group of Professional Forex Trader students, memories of my own experiences in the class have come flooding back to me.

I distinctly remember how I felt when I was learning all about support, resistance and trends and as the pieces of the puzzle slowly started to fit together Trading discipline is simply a hard skill to master. With dreams of making big money in the fastest possible time, the vast majority of novice and beginner traders typically learn this lesson the hard way.

Being disciplined and patient is pretty much the last thing on the rookie trader's mind in the early stages of their career There are many factors that determine the overall success rate for a trader. It is easy to see the vast differences between the novice and professional speculators, but as the beginner starts to make progress, it comes down to the more subtle factors which greatly distinguish the level of their consistency As we all know, the Forex markets offer a variety of interesting and unique opportunities.

While I personally trade a variety of asset classes, including Stock Index Futures and Commodities as well as Forex, my discipline and technical approach to each of these markets remains the same. I look for low risk, high probability opportunities, respecting the governing laws of Supply and Demand at all times Trusting the Trade by Sam Evans. He explains that when a good trade presents itself to him on a chart, he needs to take that trade and trust the trade, no matter what else he sees or hears - and how you should do the same Sam looks at what happened in the markets on May 6th and how the uncertainty of the events in Greece and England, and the mistake of a trader hitting the wrong order button were astounding This week Sam explains how candlestick patterns will provide some powerful clues to what is going on in the market, but only if used in conjunction with another reliable strategy If you are looking to participate in Forex trading anytime soon, or even if you are an experienced trader seeking a new challenge away from what you are currently involved with, Sam recommends asking yourself a series of questions before doing anything else Trading Forex for a Living: Sam explains that if you learn to trade from technical reasons rather than simply for the money, you are most definitely on the right track to making things work in your trading.

With a little practice and self discovery, you can get into a routine of sticking to a plan and making successful trades A Practical Understanding by Sam Evans. While not as regular in the Forex markets, gaps can offer the trader some fantastic trading opportunities when they happen.

Sam shares a specific example of this in this week's article Sam discusses using one of his preferred analysis tools, the Commodity Channel Index or CCI, and he begins with defining convergence and divergence Sam discusses how using the skills we already possess to the very best of our abilities, and developing the traits we are missing to form a coherent approach to trading will bring us consistency to flawlessly execute each and every trade to the very best of our abilities.

No matter what background you come from, you can make trading work for you Sam delivers his last installment of his Back to Basics series and highlights the next piece of the puzzle: A New Era of Forex Trading? The subject of this week's article is concerned with perhaps the most vital ingredient in the recipe for consistently profitable Forex trading: As well as grasping a deep understanding of market price action, a solid awareness of risk management principles and objective analytical technical skills, every trader across the world today also needs to fully recognize that in the end, when all is said and done, they are the true variable in the distinction between ongoing trading success or financial ruin Back To Basics, Part 2: Sam discusses how the stop loss is more than a tool to protect your capital.

There is a danger of feeling safe in a virtual environment Back To Basics, Part 1:

Sam explains that if you learn to trade from technical reasons rather than simply for the money, you are most definitely on the right track to making things work in your trading. I talked about how we all need to be very aware of our inbuilt tendencies to want to follow the crowd in our trading decisions, especially when faced with a glut of news releases, reports and updates across the world wide web, in the newspapers and of course on TV.

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Defining the Trader's Edge by Sam Evans. For the purpose of this article, I would like to highlight an aspect of Forex trading which is often the very last thing on the minds of traders:

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