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Chris Pavlou (banker)


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 · Exclusive Interview with Veteran Forex Trader and TFIFx Head of Treasury; Exclusive Interview with Veteran Forex Trader and TFIFx Head of Treasury. Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0 +1. Moreover I was lucky enough to work close to very influential and experienced treasury specialists as our chairman Chris Pavlou. 2: How did you first get into Forex

Their money came from bonuses, which in turn came from playing the market in high-risk, often irresponsible ways. Most of those hours are spent in this fifth-floor office, where Chris is the special administrator of what used to be Laiki Bank; his job is to sell off as many assets as possible and collect as much money as possible, for disbursement to those who lost their shirts when the bank went under during the events of I tried my best.

So why did he accept that poisoned chalice? It was clear the situation was terrible. The bank was caught in a bind: And there was something else, too: Chris shakes his head: Had we forgotten that our household debt was twice the EU average?

Had we forgotten that our banks had delusions of grandeur? He pauses again, shaking his head in wonderment: Can we really trust Chris Pavlou? He is a banker, after all.

Anyone can be wise after the event. Anyone can make pious comments. Is it really true, as he says, that he stood apart from the general venality and recklessness, and tried to stop the rot? At one point he offered his resignation but the Central Bank refused to accept it, saying it would do more harm than good. One never knows, of course — but I do note some circumstantial evidence, hinting at the kind of man he really is. For one thing, he wanted to be a priest. Born poor, to a father who worked on the railways and died when Chris was eight, the young boy grew up with dreams of going into the Church his godfather was a man of the cloth — at least till the Church rejected him, at 18, after which he moved to London, studied Finance, and joined Barclays at We also pay a lot of attention on educating, coaching and giving the best information available to our clients.

For that reason we prepare and post daily on the TFifx website and other media extensive in depth analysis, articles and research and organise trading sessions and seminars for our clients. Furthermore I do manage the institutional counterparty relationships and am highly involved in the business development of the company.

The fierce competition in pricing and other offers and casino-like promotions between brokers is taking the forex market on a different path that emerges as a war between the brokers and clients which is fundamentally wrong. In TFI we strongly believe on the traditional broker business model where the brokers profit is derived from the spread difference. This gives us an added incentive to protect our clients as we profit from long term profitable client accounts.

Furthermore, our experience with medium to large size clients and institutions gives us the extra edge and insight that we share with all our clients. One other big difference we have from other forex brokerage firms is that we have been successfully trading the forex market for a long time ourselves. Because of this forex trading experience and background, we know that account size and leverage are very important and sometimes even crucial to whether you are profitable or not. We have identified that there was an opportunity to offer the same professional product we have been offering to the bigger clients, to smaller account sizes and recently took the decision to expand to the retail market.

What is the most important tip you would give people getting started in Forex? Always place a stop loss on your trades.

In contrast to other financial instruments, one of the biggest advantages of trading the currency markets is that you can have a guaranteed stop loss under almost all market conditions. We have seen many times new forex traders showing a very specific trading pattern where they have a high percentage of profitable trades with small absolute profits and in then losing all previous profit, and sometimes even more, on a single wrong trade that did not have a stop loss.

Most new traders tend to take their profits early while letting their losses run in the hope the market will come back. This is because in the inexperienced traders mindset it is very difficult to accept that he is wrong.

Placing a stop loss will help create the necessary discipline and understand that sometimes we can be wrong. Most importantly however it will help in avoiding making a single wrong call becoming a very big mistake.

What is the biggest mistake Forex traders make? There are a lot of mistakes we have identified such as impatience, taking profits early, placing unrealistic profit targets, avoiding to place a stop loss and utilizing high levels of leverage. All these mistakes can be avoided if the trader has a clear trading strategy.

The lack of a trading strategy is bound to result in loss of discipline and finally wipe out a trading account. Forex is a very competitive and rapidly changing market and a company that wants to stay ahead of competition should always look for improvements to its products. However, I honestly believe that at TFIfx we offer a very solid product that is specialised and suited in a transparent and fair way in order to help the client make money in the medium to long term.

Our focus is on service and consistency and most importantly educating the clients so that they become profitable. I think that our short term challenge is to communicate and successfully pass our message to the retail forex market. Do you see yourself working in Forex forever?

The legacy entity is pursuing legal action against former major shareholder Marfin Investment Group and its shares were listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and the Athens Stock Exchange.

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